Minarets In Autumn

Date: October 25-27, 2014
Miles: 24.2
Attendees: Directors Jarchow, Silva, Franz; Cadets Carney, “Snack” Wallace

• This was the debut expedition for Cadet Marco “Snack” Wallace. Cadet Carney would like you to know that he issued the nickname in hopes that a bear would make short work of his fellow cadet.
• Mountain weather forecasters are always worse-case scenario type folk. We were told to expect sub-freezing temperatures and highs in the low 30s. What we got was glorious fall weather with lows in the 40s and highs near 60. 
• To be fair… two days after we returned home, the region was hammered with three feet of snow.
• In what should be an inspiration to cadets and absent directors alike, DOSO Silva drove up the east side and hiked in with the group for just one night, as that was all her schedule allowed. 
• The day hike to Garnet Lake along the John Muir Trail is highly recommended. 
• Normally we have some food left over after each meal. Cadet Wallace made sure that wasn’t the case on this trip, as he was a master of consumption. 
• Rosalie Lake became an RTEF favorite for its solitude, calm waters, and good shelter from winds.
• On the return hike, we avoided the trail all the way around Shadow Lake and instead bushwacked a shorter route, which provided stunning views and exploration of a secluded area where clearly the local wildlife often bedded down. A worthwhile detour.

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  1. Such an amazing trip! A such amazing photos! I don’t think I ever saw the pictures from the latter portion of the trip.
    If only there was a way for viewer to show their appreciation for the photos with a “thumbs up” (or five). Is that a tricky install??

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