Preview – 7th Annual Summer Solstice Expedition

The Red Tomahawk Expeditionary Force is pleased to announce that for the first time in anyone’s recent memory, this edition of the Summer Solstice Expedition is hereby declared Year of the Cupcake. What does that mean for you, adventurer?

green6What: 7th Annual Summer Solstice Expedition
When: June 19-22, 2014 (four days, three nights)
Where: Hoover Wilderness, just north of Tioga Pass
Snow: Unlikely
Mosquitoes: Probably
Girlish Laughter: Yes
Bear Canisters: Supposedly required. But hey, it’s Your Call.
Trip Distance: 15 miles (about half of what we sometimes do)
Layover Days: 1 (Yes, it’s true, we will camp in the same location for two consecutive nights. Bring your books and Advil.)
Extraction: A mere 3.5 mile hike on the final day guarantees* Sunday visits to Mono Cone, the Mobil Station, and Schat’s Bakery.

Unlike some (all?) of our other trips, this one should be a good opportunity if you have family or friends you’ve always wanted to drag along on a backcountry trip, especially if you’re trying to wreck the relationships with said people.

As ever, some explorers will drive up on Wednesday night the 18th, others will choose the insanity of a 5 AM Thursday morning departure. The Thursday morning people are invariably grumpy and ill-mannered. Choose carefully.







* Have you learned nothing? There’s no guarantee, you jackass.


  1. Well done, Directors Jeff and Jonathan! No one loves a good summit or twelve thousand foot pass (WITH snow) like I do, but I believe you’ve made a great choice for all Tomahawk-ers.

    Looking forward to the Solstice (though it is my least favorite day of the year; who likes it when days get SHORTER?!?!

    – Director of Snow Operations

  2. Cadet Cupcake reporting for duty!

    Personally I’m looking forward to seeing a bear lick Jonathan’s face while he sleeps! Always entertaining

  3. Will this be the first trip in recent memory that Jonathan brings his fishing gear and actually uses it???? could be. Personally I give myself one chance in three. Should be fun.

    Lodging at the hangar the night before, its shuffle board and basketball! And of course showers for those who want.

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