Starving In Utah Road Trip

Expedition Analysis/Notes

Date: December 26-31, 2011
Miles: 1,945.9
Attendees: Directors Jarchow, Franz

• National Parks visited: Four (Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands).
• Times Jeff tried to kill Robin: Two. (Sadly, all video evidence was destroyed by Commissioner Roger Goodell, “in order to initiate the healing process”)
• Near-death experiences aside, Director Jarchow would never trade the memories of the perilously narrow “road” with the sheer cliff on one side, nor the steep snow-covered roads that none had driven in over two weeks.
• Travelers Tip: Central/Eastern Utah shuts down in the winter. Restaurants, gas stations, etc. Load up on supplies, or you’ll find yourself having to choose between an AM/PM hot dog, or the AM/PM owner’s own personal bowl of chili. Choose the hot dog.

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  1. Are you sure it was only two?!? Perilous road aka footpath, steep snow-covered road, forging an unknown freezing river, barefoot, starving in Utah… Best of times honey! I wouldn’t change a thing!

  2. Whoa! No need to exaggerate, dear… you weren’t BAREFOOT in the freezing river of unknown depth and rapid flow rate! Full credit to you nonetheless for braving the frigid waters, weak from lack of food and still shell-shocked from the previous day of multiple near-death experiences, and mild car sickness induced by winding, bouncing, jolting off-road excursions.

    One of my all time favorite trips for sure, m’love.

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