The World Ends – Total Solar Eclipse

Greetings Red Tomahawk-ers!

Since the other Directors have gone on hiatus (in hopes that some of our cadets would pick up the slack), we have not had many offerings. Did you notice? Last year’s Summer Solstice came and went. It has been way too long since we had a proper adventure.

Though my Directorship focuses primarily on snow and snow-related activities, I have made an exception and have planned a trip on a “celestial scale.”

Here are the basics:

This map shows the path of the Total Solar Eclipse. The northern and southern path limits are blue and the central line is red. You must be between the blue lines to see the total phase. The eclipse is longest on the central line (red).

Who: RTEF and a few assorted others (aka, “new recruits”)
What: a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, not seen in the lower 48 since 1979 (were any of you even alive?!) 
Where: Tetonia, Idaho (Robin and Jeff’s Rocky Mountain hideaway)
August 16 = travel day (LA to Tetonia)
August 17-20 = backpacking to the Tetons (destination and trail TBD)
August 21 = eclipse viewing in the “front yard”
August 22 or 23 = travel day

Currently, round trip flights to SLC from LA are under $200. Unless we can come up with a great shuttle plan between SLC and Tetonia, rental cars will need to be acquired. Payment for lodging can be made in the form of cookies and/or yard tools.

Please express interest in the 2017 Solar Eclipse Trip to the DOSO (me!). I’ll be booking my flights within the next couple of weeks.


Kaelyn / Director of Snow Operations

Supplemental reading on the total solar eclipse and how you can help bring about the end of days:

Hello Darkness             Dark Shadow 

(Note to Sean from Jeff: The final hour is upon us. Great Cthulhu shall emerge from his long slumber. The lambs have been called, come enjoy the sacrifice as He takes his fill.)

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