Preview – 6th Annual Summer Solstice Expedition

koippass_01Normally, this space would be filled by marginally witty text with the sole purpose of convincing people that, yes, indeed, they really should attend this year’s edition of the famed RTEF Summer Solstice Expedition.

But this year, that’s just not necessary. Maybe it was the early announcement of the dates, maybe it’s the late announcement of the location, or maybe it’s just that folks have figured out the cast iron truth:

Mainly, that there are no bad RTEF trips, there are no bad destinations, and “X” never, ever marks the spot.

koippass_02Since most of you have already signed up for this foolishness, consider this a photo teaser of the trail that lies ahead.  We plan to depart from the trailhead near the Dana Fork of the Tuolumne River, one of the absolute gems of Yosemite National Park, and also one of the better secrets (translation: fewer people) in a place known for its crowds. From there we shall head to the west, towards Mono and Parker Passes and the border of YNP.

The trail turns south westerly towards Koip Pass (elevation 12,270) which should boast some stunning views from both sides of its saddle, back towards whence we came, and down towards Alger Lakes (see the front page photo for that particular view). Those lakes beg for a campsite, and we are likely to oblige.

koippass_03High country bivies, quiet streams, solitary lakes, and outstanding views are what we’ve packaged for your enjoyment over the course of four days and three nights. Final mileage to be determined, but expect something in the range of 18-20 miles (RTEF Hint #3: never trust our mileage estimates). Check your Inboxes for details on exact trail days along with days of departure and return.

We leave you with one final image, taken near the top of Koip Pass, just a gentle reminder of the night sky at 12,000 feet…


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