Evo Reunion Judged Massive Success

In the immediate aftermath of the recent triumphant expedition from South Lake to North Lake via Evolution Valley, an urgent call went out from Director Blakeslee. “A gathering!” he declared via electronic mail. “We shall celebrate our victory, we shall eat heartily, and we shall force non-participants to sit through all of our photos. All 400 of them!!”

Location was set at RTEF World Headquarters in Sierra Madre, CA at the spiritual home of our organization, codenamed “89 East”. Matriarch Susan, as ever, expertly played the role of hostess, and promised steak and veggie fajitas, along with her award-winning chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. No surprise, RSVPs came in hot and heavy once word leaked out that she was making “the cake”, and attendance was stout. Directors Silva, Blakeslee, Jarchow, Silva and Franz headed up a cadre of cadets: Moon, Foley, Feghali and Carney. Former backcountry legend and scourge of clean water sources everywhere, “Mighty Whitey” also made a guest appearance.

The four trip attendees ate and ate and ate as if they hadn’t eaten in a week. Others consumed more appropriate and polite quantities. Directors Blakeslee and Franz then presented their trip photos, with Blakeslee showing his images to the soothing music of “Legends of the Fall.” That soundtrack reminds him of Tom Brady, you know. To close it out, Cadet Moon unveiled a century of her own images, which garnered high praise and further distinguished the cadet’s overall credentials.

The evening closed with many promises of future expeditions and backcountry victories. Everyone would have left at a respectful hour, except the ever-forgetful Cadet Feghali managed to lose her car keys. A frantic search ensued, and no surprise she has AAA on her cell phone speed dial. Fortunately, said keys were discovered on the couch (a likely place for Michelle to lose something), and the evening was adjourned.