Yosemite High Loop

Expedition Analysis/Notes:

Date: August 5-9, 2010
Miles: 30.2
Attendees: Directors Jarchow, Blakeslee, Franz; Cadets Heller, Feghali

• For the High Loop trail, we usually start the hike from Tenaya Lake, but this time we chose the Cathedral Lakes trailhead instead. It turned out to be a superb decision, as Cathedral Lakes provided wonderful swimming and stunning views, if you ignored the 300 pound hairy man skinny dipping nearby.
• Also unlike previous High Loop trips, this time we wouldn’t be staying in the High Sierra Camps. Instead, we wild camped the first night, stayed at the backpackers campground in Merced for two nights (where we scored showers, dinner, and breakfast), then camped out in the open in the shadows of glorious Vogelsang.
• A layover day at Merced continues to be a mandatory part of this trail.
• The always enjoyable approach to Vogelsang was marked this time by a torrential rain and lightning storm.
• As shown by the photo at the top of this page, Cadet Feghali continues to fail to minimize the amount of crap she brings on these trips. The struggle continues.

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